What is a Virtual Office?

If you’re not familiar with the term, a Virtual Office is an address, location (or just a mailbox) you use as your business address.  In some cases, Virtual Offices offer more than just an address.  They offer a physical location where you can use space to work and meet with clients, allowing you to stay out of loud coffee shops and not meet with strangers in your home.

If your business is of a sensitive nature like working with law enforcement, family oriented agencies, private coaching or medical services, using a Virtual Office places a buffer between you and overzealous, stalking or dangerous clients that really should not know where you and your family reside.

In addition to safety concerns, when you build your business, a real business address that’s not a Post Office Box is required to build business credit.

A Virtual Office can also give your business the appearance of a larger organization.  For example, if you’re located in Chicago, IL but you wish to start doing business in Sacramento, CA, a Virtual Office address can help you have the appearance of a local Sacramento office while you build your business footprint.

WorkFlow Lounge offers Virtual Office services, starting at just $25/month for our Basic service.  Additional options give you the ability to have us open your mail, read it to you or fax/email it to you so that you can respond quickly.

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