Why You Should Be Coworking in 2019

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While coworking spaces have actually been in existence since the mid 1600’s, the current versions emerged in large numbers in the late 1990’s.  With their longevity, however, coworking spaces are still evolving.  The Coworking concept has changed over time into what it is today: a representation of working independently, but together.

So called HackerSpaces and MakerLabs provide technology creatives an opportunity to connect and collaborate on new inventions. In contrast, boutique spaces like WorkFlow Lounge provide small the business owner a full service, home-office feel shared space.  However, coworking spaces provide far more than just space.  WorkFlow Lounge is a Small Business Development Center, Job and Work Force creation space and a Technology Training Facility.  We provide business classes, workshops, computer training, networking opportunities and business coaching.

Coworking spaces in general are places that provide equal parts professional environments, flexible desk options, private meeting facility and networking spaces.  In addition, they allow members to meet, brainstorm, collaborate and learn from other members.

Work Flow Lounge has also incorporated the Career Path Development model for jobs and workforce creation.  The CPD model allows those who are looking for more out of their careers to study their desired goals.  Then, through a series of workshops, clients create a road map for making those goals a reality.


When we first start our business, we have a tendency to say “I do this….” and “I sell that…”. While there is nothing wrong with being a mighty business of one, why not speak a larger business image into existence by always saying “WE do this…” and “WE sell that…”?

Two things will happen … first by speaking it, you will begin to visualize a larger business for yourself. We all know that visualization is the best way to begin to create what we want in our lives. By constantly referring to your business as a larger organization, you will subconsciously begin to work toward the goal of having a larger business. Second, people will immediately believe that you have a larger business because you have a team or staff to operate it. Sometimes that will give people the extra confidence to do business with you.

In addition, consider using a Virtual Office service to give your business the image of being larger by using a real business address instead of a P. O. box number or your home address. Also use a separate telephone number for your business, instead of giving out your cell phone or home phone number when advertising. These steps will also become extremely important when you’re ready to establish a Business Credit file for your business.

WorkFlow Lounge offers virtual office services for clients who are working hard to build their businesses. Use our address as your business address and get a business telephone number that can make your business sound as large as you want by creating extensions for sales, shipping (through pack & ship companies), customer service and more.

WorkFlow Lounge also offers Coworking and Shared Office Spaces along with Conference Rooms for our business owners who are ready to stop meeting new clients in their own homes or noisy coffee shops.

Call us today for a free 15-minute phone consultation to see how we can help you grow your small business into tomorrow’s next big enterprise. Call 916-330-1096, visit www.workflowlounge.com or email us at info@workflowlounge.com