Why You Should Be Coworking in 2019

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While coworking spaces have actually been in existence since the mid 1600’s, the current versions emerged in large numbers in the late 1990’s.  With their longevity, however, coworking spaces are still evolving.  The Coworking concept has changed over time into what it is today: a representation of working independently, but together.

So called HackerSpaces and MakerLabs provide technology creatives an opportunity to connect and collaborate on new inventions. In contrast, boutique spaces like WorkFlow Lounge provide small the business owner a full service, home-office feel shared space.  However, coworking spaces provide far more than just space.  WorkFlow Lounge is a Small Business Development Center, Job and Work Force creation space and a Technology Training Facility.  We provide business classes, workshops, computer training, networking opportunities and business coaching.

Coworking spaces in general are places that provide equal parts professional environments, flexible desk options, private meeting facility and networking spaces.  In addition, they allow members to meet, brainstorm, collaborate and learn from other members.

Work Flow Lounge has also incorporated the Career Path Development model for jobs and workforce creation.  The CPD model allows those who are looking for more out of their careers to study their desired goals.  Then, through a series of workshops, clients create a road map for making those goals a reality.