Order Your Day Pass

You have an important client and you’d like to meet them in a professional office, instead of a noisy public coffee shop.  Maybe you just need a quiet place to work for the day, but you’re not yet a member of WorkFlow Lounge.
No problem!  We offer Day Passes for just those reason.
Simply fill out the form below to sign up, then pay for your Day Pass when you’re transferred to PayPal. Feel free to call us to tell us what day you’d like to work at WorkFlow Lounge or just show up any time during our normal business hours.  Private offices are only available on a first come basis.  That’s it, we will be waiting for you when you arrive.  If you do need a private office for the day, it’s a good idea to call us ahead of time at (916) 330-1096 so that we can make sure one of our great offices is available for you.  

Choose your Day Pass

Day Passes are good for one day only.
Hours can not be split over multiple days.
Not valid for events, after-hours, conference rooms or more than 3 hours of Saturday use.
If you have the need to use our space for events, workshops, conferences, after hours or on weekends, please call us at (916) 330-1096 for a quote.

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